how set up maiar wallet

How To Setup Maiar Wallet

How Setup Maiar Wallet

how set up maiar wallet

Maiar is a non-custodial, crypto wallet powered by the Elrond blockchain that allows users to store, manage, stake EGLD, and pay using their mobile phones. The application allows the users to set up herotags, a unique username powered by the Elrond blockchain, and deployed on Elrond Network through a DNS service.

How to Install the Maiar Wallet on an Android device

To install the Maiar wallet application on your Android phone, go to Playstore and search for the “Maiar wallet” application.

First, click on the install button, and the application will be downloaded to your phone.

playstore Maiar

1) Setup the Maiar Wallet Application

To set up the Maiar application, launch it. You will find two options for wallet setup:

  • Import existing wallet
  • Create a New Wallet

Select the first option to set up an existing account on a new device. But if you are a new user, then choose option 2 to create a new wallet.

We will create a new Maiar wallet. Once you click on the “Create Wallet” option, it will ask you to provide your phone number. And that’s it, your wallet is created with one simple step.

create Maiar wallet

The next step is to set up your Herotag, but before that, you need to backup your key phrase and set your wallet’s pin.

Note: Do not forget to store your key phrase safely. If you lost it, you won’t recover your wallet’s data and funds.

2) Create a Herotag

Once you have taken a backup of your key phrase and set your wallet’s pin, you will be guided towards creating a Herotag. Herotag is a unique, easily readable text that you can use to receive payments.

How Install And Use The Maiar DeFi Wallet

You can only install the Maiar DeFi Wallet as a Chrome extension on a laptop or desktop PC. It is not available for mobile devices – nor is it needed, you have your Maiar App for that.

  1.  Go to the Chrome store:
  2. Click “Add to Chrome” and confirm the pop-up
  3. Find it in the 🧩 menu to the top right. Click on 📌 to pin it to the extension bar
  4. You can either Create a new wallet, or import the Secret Phrase (24 words) of an existing one
  5.  Choose a strong password

You can then use the different sections of the wallets, as follows:

🔁 Send & Receive EGLD and Tokens, and view the most recent transactions.

💲 Check your account balances and directly send any of the available tokens

💿 Manage your NFT collectio

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